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Vice President of Operations
Chief Financial Officer

Jan Roberts has over 35 years of experience in the freight business, more specifically in the Agricultural Chemical industry developing more efficient ways to transport agricultural chemicals.  Jan strives to provide you with on-time delivery as well as offer you the fastest, friendliest, most reliable service in the Freight Business.  Laser focused on ensuring that 4 Seasons Freight is able to provide our shippers’ product arrives to their customer when requested and in tiptop shape.  Whether she’s managing shipments across town, across the state or across the country, Jan does it quickly and efficiently while demanding accountability and dependability from our carriers that our customers can count on. 

Your shipping needs are real and Jan understands that.  Companies talk about customer service—Jan Roberts lives it. 

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Nick Williams, our founder and owner, has worked in the Agricultural and Turf Chemical industry for over 20 years. During that time, Nick noticed customers regularly experiencing the common problem of sourcing capacity, particularly with securing hazmat endorsed carriers and drivers, so Nick created a solution by founding 4 Seasons Freight, LLC.  Nick's primary focus has always been in providing quality service by building relationships and meeting the needs of his valued customers. Nick prides himself on providing great service for every lane, every time in every season. 

Born and raised in Conway, Arkansas, Nick works sun-up to sun-down building our company that measures its success based on the success of our valued customers. Nick’s passion for his work and love for his family are evident in every step he takes—whether he's securing a driver when no one else can, coaching his son's baseball team, or enjoying time in the woods  with his friends and family. Nick believes in making every day count.